What do PTI & emission test cost? Overview of the fees for the 2023 periodic technical inspection


A glance at the badge reveals that it's time for the periodic technical inspection again. Regardless of whether you are driving an electric car, "normal car", motorcycle or caravan - it is important to know what costs you will face for the periodic technical inspection in 2022.

This article gives you a helpful overview of what is checked during a periodic technical inspection and the prices you can expect to pay. At the end of the article you will also find our insider tip on how you can save money on your next periodic technical inspection. So stay on the ball - it's worth it.

Everyone who drives a motorized vehicle on Germany's roads must undergo a periodic technical inspection (PTI) and exhaust emission test at certain intervals. This is regulated by § 29 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). However, mopeds and scooters with an engine capacity of up to 50 cm³ are not subject to this inspection requirement.

Since 01.12.1951, all motor vehicles in Germany have had to undergo a periodic technical inspection. This ensures that your motorized vehicle is roadworthy and that your passengers are not endangered.

What does the periodic technical inspection cost?

The fees for the periodic technical inspection vary and depend on the following factors:

-The federal state
-The testing organization
-The vehicle type

The total weight of the vehicle to be tested In general, the heavier your vehicle, the more expensive it is.

The emission test: now an integral part of the periodic technical inspection

In addition to the roadworthiness of your vehicle, its environmental compatibility is also tested at certain intervals. This test is the so-called exhaust emission test.

Since 2010, the emission test and the periodic technical inspection have been a joint mandatory program and are usually completed in one go. As always, there are exceptions to the rule: you can also have the emission test carried out at your trusted garage before the PTI. However, the test must not have been carried out more than 1 month ago, otherwise the emission test must be repeated as part of the periodic technical inspection. So pay attention to this deadline, otherwise you may have to pay twice for the emission test.

Which testing organization carries out the periodic technical inspection?

In the past, the market of testing organizations that were allowed to give your car the round, colored badge was monopolized. 

However, for some years now you are no longer tied to a monopoly, but can also visit other engineering hubs with your vehicle, such as DEKRA, GTÜ or KÜS. 

Now you have the opportunity to compare the different prices of the testing organizations and to contact the workshop of your choice for you and your vehicle.

How often do you have to go for a periodic technical inspection?

Depending on the type of vehicle and its age, you must observe different inspection intervals. Newer vehicles only need to be inspected in the workshop for the first time after 36 months, i.e. 3 years.
After the first 3 years, you must have the periodic technical inspection carried out every 2 years.

But what about other vehicle classes? Our table provides you with information:

Type of your vehicle 1st PTI date after initial registration All following examination intervals
Passenger car After 36 months Every 24 months
Motorhomes up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight After 36 months Every 24 months
Cabs and rental vehicles After 12 months Every 12 months
Motorcycles/light motorcycles (categories L3e, L4e, L5e and L7e) After 24 months Every 24 months
Trailers up to 750 kg After 36 months -
Trailers up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight and caravans After 24 months -
Trailers over 3.5 t gross vehicle weight After 12 months Every 12 months
Trucks up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight After 24 months Every 24 months
Trucks over 3.5 t gross vehicle weight After 12 months Every 12 months

Fees for the periodic technical inspection of passenger cars (up to 3.5 tons)

The fee for keeping your car roadworthy for the next few years varies depending on the testing organization and federal state.
However, the price difference is very small, so it's not worth driving from Bavaria to Thuringia, for example, just to save a few euros.

Here you will find a helpful overview of the cost structures of the most important testing organizations for cars up to 3.5 tons:

Cars up to 3.5 tons Costs PTI Costs PTI incl. emission test
KÜS Up to € 86.00 Up to € 129.00
GTÜ Up to € 83.00 Up to € 128.00
Dekra On request On request

Does my electric car need a periodic technical inspection and what does it cost?

An electric car must also be checked for road safety at regular intervals. Just as with the combustion engine, new cars are inspected under the hood after the first 36 months. Thereafter every 24 months.

However, as the emissions test is no longer required, you save an average of around €40 per visit. The total fee is therefore only made up of the fees for the PTI.

Costs for follow-up inspection in the event of defects

If your vehicle does not pass the periodic technical inspection or emission test due to defects, you have one month to rectify them.

Please note that you can make up the follow-up check within this period for a relatively inexpensive fee. The prices for the follow-up inspection vary depending on the testing organization and federal state. On average, you should expect to pay around €15-20 extra. If defects are found on your car, it is therefore worth having them rectified as quickly as possible within the deadline.

PTI prices for technical modifications

Have you given your car a new spoiler or made changes to the exhaust system? Technical modifications may affect the road safety of your vehicle. The changes are therefore relevant for the periodic technical inspection and thus for your operating license. Here too, the costs vary depending on the vehicle class, type of modification and federal state. It is cheaper to make technical modifications to a motorcycle than to a car.

For a more binding statement on your tuned vehicle, it is best to contact our testing inspection certification engineers.

Costs for the periodic technical inspection of heavy cars (3.5 - 7.5 tons)

Costs for the periodic technical inspection of motorhomes

Are you the proud owner of a motorhome?

If you drive a lighter model that does not exceed 3.5 tons, you will not pay more for the periodic technical inspection than a "normal" car. You can find the price overview here.
For a motorhome up to 7.5 tons, you have to expect to pay around €30 more for the periodic technical inspection, including the emissions test. The cost structure of heavy passenger cars between 3.5 and 7.5 tons is relevant for you. Non-motorized caravans must also be regularly checked for safety. They fall under the category of trailers. Here too, the fees are based on the weight of your trailer.

If your caravan weighs less than 750 kg and does not have an overrun brake, you may be interested in the following fee table. Starting brakes are mandatory from a total weight of 750 kg. These are of course checked as part of the periodic technical inspection. You can find the fees for the periodic technical inspection for your caravan up to 3.5 tons here.

Costs for the periodic technical inspection of trailers

Trailer unbraked up to 750 kg

Every 3 years, your unbraked trailer up to 750 kg must be checked for roadworthiness. Of course, no emission test is required for this. You will only have to pay a small amount for the PTI.

Passenger car 3.5 - 7.5 tons Costs PTI Costs PTI incl. emission test
KÜS approx. 96,00 € - 97,00 € approx. 166,00 € -167,00 €
GTÜ approx. 93,00 €- 96,00 € approx. 164,00 € - 168,00 €
Trailers, unbraked up to 750 kg Costs PTI
KÜS approx. 37,00 € - 38,00 €
GTÜ approx. 37,00 €- 38,00 €
Dekra On request

Trailer unbraked up to 750 kg

Particularly after long periods of downtime, trailers with starting brakes experience problems due to insufficient lubrication and corrosion.

In contrast to its lighter "brother", the somewhat heavier (caravan) trailer is therefore inspected every 24 months. The following costs are incurred depending on the federal state and testing organization:

Trailer, with brake up to 3.5 tons Costs PTI
KÜS approx. 54,00 €
GTÜ approx. 55,00 €
Dekra On request

Costs for the main motorcycle inspection

The feeling of boundless freedom and the view of unique panoramas: In order not to lose this, you have to take your motorcycle for a periodic technical inspection every 24 months.

In contrast to four-wheeled cars, motorcycles are much cheaper to have a periodic technical inspection.

Motorcycle Costs PTI Costs PTI incl. emission test
KÜS approx. 54,00 € - 56,00 € approx. 77,00 € - 79,00 €
GTÜ approx. 53,00 €- 54,00 € approx. 77,00 - 78,00 €
Dekra On request On request

Deadline exceeded - what now?

You realize with horror that the main inspection for your vehicle is long overdue. What's next for you?

First of all, don't panic. In our fast-paced world, it can quickly happen that the appointment calendar is full and the periodic technical inspection of your car is forgotten. It is now important that you contact your trusted test center as soon as possible and make an appointment.

If you are less than 2 months overdue, most engineering hubs will turn a blind eye and not charge you any additional costs. However, if you exceed this period by 2 months (supplementary examination), you will have to pay an extra 20% fee.

Beware of police fines

If you are stopped by the police and found to have exceeded the time limit, you could face a fine and possibly even points in Flensburg.

If the police catch you within 2 months after the periodic technical inspection has expired, the cost will vary depending on the vehicle class and weight. From 15 € you are in. If you exceed the deadline by 4 months, you will receive 1 point in Flensburg in addition to higher fines.

Save money on the PTI: How to prepare yourself

With a little preparation, you can get through the periodic technical inspection safely and relaxed. After all, it is often only small, annoying defects that prevent you from obtaining the coveted badge. Even if the follow-up examination is not expensive, it will still cost you a little money and, above all, time.

To prevent this from happening, you can prepare your vehicle for the periodic technical inspection in advance.

- Are all the important documents packed?
- Vehicle registration certificate
- For tuned and technically modified cars: relevant documents and evidence
- Is everything in the car that needs to be inside?
- First aid kit (pay attention to the expiration date)
- Safety vest
- For electric cars and plug-in hybrids: the charging cable
- Is your license plate legible and securely attached?
- Are the windshield wipers and windshield washer system fully functional?
- Do all indicator lights go out again after starting? No error messages?
- Are all mirrors intact?
- Are all lamps and lights fully functional?
- Is your vehicle horn working?
- Is the minimum tread depth at least 1.6 mm?

Carrying out a periodic technical inspection has never been so easy: pick-up and delivery service

The periodic technical inspection is an important milestone for your vehicle. Make sure that you are well informed about the current condition of your vehicle and know when the next service is due.

This allows you to plan accordingly and avoid unnecessary additional costs and fines. If you have any questions or need help preparing for your next periodic technical inspection, don't hesitate to call our experts. Or simply book your appointment conveniently online. With our pick-up and delivery service for the Nuremberg/Fürth region, we help you to make your next periodic technical inspection as smooth as possible.

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