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Prices for your periodic technical inspection (PTI)

Car: 150 €

For all cars & four-wheelers

Motorcycle: 86 €

For two-wheelers of all kinds

Pendant: 42 €

For trailers from small to large

Your badge for the PTI
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Otherwise, you are welcome to use our insured pick-up and delivery service. We will then collect your car and bring it back to you after the periodic technical inspection.

Execution of the PTI and awarding the badge

As a partner of KÜS, we carry out the periodic technical inspection as you are used to from other inspection organizations.

We always keep an eye on current requirements. If you pass the PTI, you will receive the badge.

100% service for satisfied customers

In our company, we are committed to providing the best service for you. The opinion of our customers is very important to us and we are happy to use feedback to constantly develop ourselves further.


I was able to book an appointment within a short time and didn't have to wait on site.

Benni, 32

The pick-up service saved me a lot of time. Simply hand over the keys and an hour later the car is back with a new badge.

Laura, 28

Competent team, professional atmosphere and all-round impeccable service. It was my first inspection and I didn't think it would be so easy.

Stefan, 20

The guys from collected my car directly from my place and brought it back a short time later with a new badge.

Luke, 37
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The periodic technical inspection is an examination in which your vehicle is checked for roadworthiness. It is defined as a “disassembly-free visual, functional and efficiency test of certain components”, in which the vehicle is assessed for its compliance with regulations in accordance with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

The exhaust emission test is a legally required inspection of your vehicle’s exhaust system. This checks whether your vehicle’s exhaust emissions are within the prescribed limits. It has been part of the periodic technical inspection since 2010.

For most vehicles, the periodic technical inspection is due every two years after the last periodic technical inspection or when the vehicle is first registered. As the vehicle owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is presented for an inspection on time. We offer a reminder service so that you never miss an appointment again. Never miss another PTI appointment with us!

In addition to your vehicle, we need your vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate part I), any attachment confirmations and the general operating license.

At, we make sure that your periodic technical inspection is carried out quickly. We keep an eye on everything and make sure that you are safe on the road again.

Your PTI is verified by an inspection report and in your vehicle registration document with an inspection stamp and nameplate. After a successful periodic technical inspection, you will receive your inspection badge on the rear license plate.

If a testing inspection certification engineer finds significant or dangerous defects in your vehicle, you must present it for a retest within one month. You should rectify the defects immediately. If you let this deadline pass, you will have to have a new periodic technical inspection carried out, which will incur additional costs.

That depends entirely on your vehicle. At you pay 150 euros for your periodic technical inspection badge including emission test for your car, 86 euros for your motorcycle and 42 euros for your trailer. 

Get your PTI badge in Regensburg

Your car, motorcycle or trailer is in the best hands with us. We at are partners of KÜS and your experts for all aspects of your vehicle's periodic technical inspection.

Get your appointment and your new PTI badge from us! We also offer you an insured pick-up and delivery service as well as a reminder service. This means you are always on the safe side with your PTI.

If you have any questions, simply contact us by WhatsApp, email or phone (Monday to Friday). We are at your side with help and advice.


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