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Prices for your Periodic technical inspection (PTI)

CAR: 140 €

For all cars & four-wheelers

Motorcycle: 83 €

For two-wheelers of all kinds

Pendant: 40 €

For trailers from small to large

Your badge for the PTI
How does it work?

Book an appointment

First, book your appointment right away at Enter your e-mail and telephone number as well as your desired date.

You will then receive a confirmation email from us with your confirmed appointment.

Pick-up and delivery service or you can come to the engineering hub yourself

If you live near one of our locations, we look forward to welcoming you.

Otherwise, you are welcome to use our insured pick-up and delivery service. We will then collect your car and bring it back to you after the periodic technical inspection.

Execution of the PTI and awarding the badge

As a partner of KÜS, we carry out the periodic technical inspections as you are used to from other inspection organizations.

We always keep an eye on current requirements. If you pass the PTI, you will receive the badge.

100% service for satisfied customers

In our company, we are committed to providing the best service for you. The opinion of our customers is very important to us and we are happy to use feedback to constantly develop ourselves further.


I was able to book an appointment within a short time and didn't have to wait on site.

Benni, 32

The pick-up service saved me a lot of time. Simply hand over the keys and an hour later the car is back with a new badge.

Laura, 28

Competent team, professional atmosphere and all-round impeccable service. It was my first inspection and I didn't think it would be so easy.

Stefan, 20

The guys from collected my car directly from my place and brought it back a short time later with a new badge.

Luke, 37
Book an appointment and get your badge!

Do you have any questions?
We have the answers.

The German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association was founded in 1925 and has been promising safety for “people dealing with technology and the environment” ever since. It is now one of the world’s leading expert organizations, with over 40,000 employees in more than 60 countries on all five continents.

DEKRA’s remit is not limited to traffic safety, for example through vehicle inspections and expert opinions on claims settlement. DEKRA also offers independent expert services relating to “industrial and construction testing, safety consulting and the testing and certification of products and systems through to training courses and temporary work”.

TÜV is not the same as PTI

The terms TÜV and PTI are like kitchen towels and Zewa. The abbreviation TÜV is often used colloquially for the PTI, as the Technical Inspection Association used to have a monopoly on inspections.

However, other technical inspection bodies and officially recognized monitoring organizations such as DEKRA, GTÜ and KÜS are now also permitted to carry out the periodic technical inspection.

You can find more information about the periodic technical inspection and emission test in one of our articles about the TÜV in Regensburg.

Regular inspection of vehicles by an engineering hub is essential for general safety. If you drive motorcycles or cars that have exceeded the deadline for the next PTI, this can result in penalties during a traffic check. In addition, if you are involved in an accident and your vehicle has an expired inspection sticker, this can put you at a great disadvantage!

The periodic technical inspection is due every two years for most vehicles. Originally, it was only allowed to be carried out by organizations such as TÜV and DEKRA, but there are now other testing organizations such as KÜS and GTÜ. As a certified partner of KÜS, we are therefore also allowed to issue badges by carrying out periodic technical inspections and emission tests with our trained testing inspection certification engineers.

In any case, inspection organizations require your vehicle registration certificate or the registration certificate part I. Any cultivation confirmations and general operating permits are also relevant.

To speed up the on-site inspection, you can check your car parts for damage or malfunctions in advance. Are the brakes or lights not working properly? Is the vehicle making strange noises? Then you should have the causes clarified in advance. Our checklist will help you think of everything you need for the PTI

In Germany, you are free to choose which engineering hub you would like to have your PTI done at. It just has to be certified. At we offer you even more service than just PTI and emission tests:

  1. Faster appointment allocation than at DEKRA Regensburg

You can make an appointment online at at any time and from any location. Simply enter your e-mail address, telephone number and the desired date in our form. You will receive your confirmation shortly afterwards.

  1. More relaxed than at DEKRA Regensburg

Of course you can bring your vehicle to for a periodic technical inspection yourself. But if you want to save yourself this stress, then simply use our inclusive and insured pick-up and delivery service.

  1. Prices at

As varied as the selection of engineering hubs is, so are the prices. This is because they depend on various factors, such as the type of vehicle, the maximum permissible mass and the federal state. At we offer you moderate and favorable prices. With us, for example, you only pay 140 euros for your car PTI.

We only want the best for our customers. Therefore, in addition to the online form, you can also reach us by phone, e-mail and even WhatsApp.

Would you like to be reminded of your PTI appointment? Then sign up now for our automatic reminder service. We will let you know in time when your next periodic technical inspection is due.

Everyone is required to have the periodic technical inspection (PTI) carried out on their vehicle. However, very few people really have time for this. Appointments with engineering hubs are often accompanied by long waiting times. But not with Hol deine Plakette in Regensburg. We make sure that you get to your periodic technical inspection or emission test as quickly as possible.

In addition, the PTI in Regensburg is uncomplicated and relaxed. We will check your vehicle in a pleasant environment. Stress and inconvenience are a thing of the past at our engineering hub.

Another Plus is our exclusive pick-up and delivery service. This way, you don’t even have to take your vehicle to the periodic technical inspection yourself. We will collect your vehicle from your home at the agreed time, carry out the necessary checks and bring it back to you.

  • PTI badges for cars: 140 €

  • PTI badges motorcycle: 83 €

  • HU sticker trailer: 40 €

The exhaust emission test is already included in these prices. Alternatively, you can make an appointment directly on site in Regensburg – we will make your PTI as uncomplicated as possible. Your alternative to DEKRA Regensburg

Nobody who owns a motor vehicle can avoid the periodic technical inspection and exhaust emission tests. Because sooner or later we all have to go for an inspection at regular intervals.

With you can complete the PTI faster and more relaxed than at DEKRA Regensburg. We are a certified KÜS partner and offer you service and customer proximity.


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